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We provide the personalized attention, flexibility, and speed you expect from a small business. You still get all the experience, capabilities, and resources you would expect from a large company. ARMI is a bulletproof glass business partner you can rely on, with honest competitive pricing and old-fashioned business values.

Projects include GSA buildings, Courthouses, Enclave Force Protection, Military Bases and Police Stations as well as a wide variety of bullet proof glass projects in City, State, and County Buildings.

Projects include bullet resistant barriers for Banks, Payment Centers, Payday Advance merchants, Pharmacies, Check Cashing locations, and other at-risk facilities.

  Project Types  Project Types  Catalog Pages  Catalog Pages
  ATF Offices   Bullet Proof Glass  Barrier style comparisons – 6  ;Bullet proof package exchange – 79
  Bank Teller Lines  Bullet Resistant Barriers  Bullet proof panels – 17  Bullet proof module – 80
  Check Cashing  Bullet Resistant Doors  Cutting bullet proof fiberglass – 19  Bullet proof transaction modules – 80
  College Payment Center  Bullet Resistant Fiberglass  ;Fiberglass fabrication – 19  Bullet proof voice transmission – 80
  County Buildings  Bullet Resistant Frames  Full vision bullet proof doors – 23  Bullet proof window frames – 81
  Courthouse Security  Bullet Resistant Windows  Aluminum bullet proof doors – 24  Bullet proof drive up window – 83
  CSO Screening Station  Bullet Resistant Wood Work  Bullet proof transaction doors – 25   Exterior bullet proof windows – 84
  Enclave Force Protection  Cash Trays  Wood bullet proof doors – 26   Bullet proof standards – 85
  FBI Offices  Custom Millwork  Steel bullet proof doors – 25   Bullet proof testing standards – 85
  Force Protection Projects  Deal Drawers  Bullet proof aluminum – 28   Bullet proof physical attack – 86
  GSA First Impressions  Deal Trays  Bullet proof counter tops – 62   Bullet proof forced entry – 87
  Homeland Security  Drive Up Windows  Custom check desks – 64   Ballistic threat levels / ratings – 88
  Hospital Admissions  FEMA Doors  Bullet proof teller lines – 65   Bullet proof testing definitions – 90
  Judges Chamber Windows  Gate House Doors  Custom bank teller lines – 65  Bullet proof tech specs – 85
  Parole Offices  Gate House Glass  Electronic voice transmission – 66   Bullet proof glass cleaning – 92
  Payday Advance  Package Exchange Units  Bullet proof talk thrus – 67   Bullet proof plastic cleaning – 92
  Payment Center  Package Passers  Bullet proof speak through – 68   Bullet proof glass handling – 93
  Pharmacy Projects  Speak Thrus  Bullet proof cash pans – 70   Bullet proof glass sealants – 94
  Police Stations  Ticket Windows  Bullet proof document passers – 75   Bullet proof glass installation – 95
  Probation Offices  Transaction Drawers  Bullet proof transaction drawer – 76   Bullet proof glass storage – 95
  Reception Counters  Transaction Windows  Sliding bullet proof drawer – 76   Bullet proof glass selection – 99
  US Marshall’s Service  Voice Transmission Modules  Bullet proof package receiver – 77   Bullet proof glass choices – 99
  Utility Payment Centers  Wall Armor  Bullet proof cart passer – 78   Bullet proof glass weights – 99

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